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‘Dear God, So who made the dinosaurs….?’

I wandered upon this online and read it, laughed, read it again and then felt it warranted a blog post. Read and enjoy! 🙂 Happy Sunday!



For more funny kid’s stuff, check out Quote Friday, a round-up of the funniest quotes from my elementary school students:

51 replies on “‘Dear God, So who made the dinosaurs….?’”

Wow! It’s amazing how these kids all write on the exact same color paper and exact same color black pen. And their handwriting is just awkward enough to look juvenille. Sorry, totally fake.

Hahahaa, true, although when I’m getting my students to do tasks that are gonna be stuck onto the wall, I always give them the same paper and same pens from the box. They usually don’t have their own big markers anyway so it’s easier just to give them one from a pack.

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