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Tuesday Timewasters – Happy Pancake Day – 02/12

Tuesday Timewasters: A Collection of the Random Things I found on the Web this week! 
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Happy Pancake Day…or Day-After-Lunar-New-Year Day! After a weekend of visiting friends and watching The Canadian One singing in not one but two bands (for the last ever time before we leave K-Town for C-Land, I have found myself stuck in bed with a fever, a sore throat and random bouts of sneezing fits. Luckily, however, my Lunar New Year vacation is still in full swing and school doesn’t start back until tomorrow, my 12th last day of teaching!

Before we kick off this week’s Timewasters, lemme just tell you what I learned about today: Irish Breakfast Shot: Take two shot glasses. Drink one shot with Jameson and a splash of butterscotch schnapps and followed by a shot of pure orange juice. Finish up with a slice of crispy bacon.

I need to try this.

But for now, the giant stack of pancakes I made today will have to keep me going.

Happy Timewasting Pancake Day!

Sent to me by a friend! I have this book, it's awesome!
Sent to me by a friend! I have this book, it’s awesome!

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We have it surrounded!
Man, avocados are so sneaky!
Man, avocados are so sneaky!



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'Your password or username is wrong' - TELL ME WHICH ONE IS WRONG SO I CAN STOP GUESSING BOTH!!!
‘Your password or username is wrong’ – TELL ME WHICH ONE IS WRONG SO I CAN STOP GUESSING BOTH!!!

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