Tuesday Timewasters – The Is-That-Really-True? Edition – 01/29

I read some of these and think, is that true? That can’t be true. Is it?…Wait, maybe it IS true…That’s it, I’m gonna try it at home.

For those of you interested, number 13, the ice cream headache one does work. Number 16, I’ll be trying as soon as The Canadian One returns home later. Hopefully he doesn’t read this and is completely unprepared for his demise to the floor. I tried to trip him up ninja style at the traffic lights the other day but he resisted. He said I’d make a terrible ninja as he’d hear me coming a mile away. I’m lulling him into a false sense of security…you watch!


Alternative hairdryer usage: Removing stickers from crome on a guitar…I’ll post pictures, it totally works!

Other uses

And finally, some science facts from the good people at Science World…and the reason why I shall be ridding my life of all my blue summer dresses.

Science facts

Still got time to waste? For more Timewasters, check out:



10 thoughts on “Tuesday Timewasters – The Is-That-Really-True? Edition – 01/29

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