Other Writing


Watch Out For The Hedgehog


How I Learn


I also write short stories mainly because I find there’s tranquility to be found in a blank piece of paper. Endless possibilities. Carefully crafted characters. A world ready to be created.

The Beautiful People (3560 words)

Late in 2011, this found a published life as part of a collection of short stories from writers in Seoul. ‘Out of Place’ was released in bookstores late November 2011.

And finally, I occasionally write for other sites around the web. Here’s a collection of a few of them: 

The Top 15 Places To Go On A Date In Seoul – expatsblog.com

Best of Quote Friday I – twokilosofbread.com

Best of Quote Friday II – twokilosofbread.com

Things I wish I’d Know Before Day One – enroll.com

St. Patrick’s Day: It’s Paddy Not Patty! – ezinearticles.com

Why Liking Curly Fries Means You’re Smart – ezinearticles.com

Have You Ever Tried Explaining Your Favorite TV Show? – ezinearticles.com

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