Messin’ with Siri – Tuesday Timewasters 07/10

Recently, I was sitting around waiting for The Canadian One to come home when I decided to start playing with Siri on my iPhone. Now, bear in mind, I had drank two glasses of wine and found this faaaaar funnier than one should. The Canadian One doesn’t have Siri on his phone but I do as I dawdled on buying an iPhone and another updated version was released! …Although it still freaks me out when my phone calls me by my name…I mean a majority of my kids think my name is ‘Teacher’.

For example, yesterday, while writing something about me (God knows why!):

Kid: ‘The teacher….or Teacher?’

Me: ‘The teacher…My name is not teacher.’

Kid: ‘Oh yeah!’

Asked Siri something stupid, send it in to us at ‘theketchupwar at gmail . com’. Happy Timewasting!

I think Siri got bored with me in the end!

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