It’s our BIRTHDAY!!!

1093393_21815263It’s our first birthday!! And what a year it’s been!! Full of ups and downs and, let’s be fair, mainly ups.  To celebrate, we’re giving away some priiiiizes! We’re having another like-a-post-win-a-prize weeks. All ya gotta do is like a post written this week, Feb 18th – 24th 2013, and maaaaybe The Canadian One will pick YOUR name outta the hat.

But until some posts are written this week, (although you can like this one, hint hint) you can keep yourself amused with some of our highest viewed posts over the past year:

Dear God, So who made the dinosaurs….?

Tuesday Timewasters – 06/05

‘I did my homework with a paintbrush.’ – Quote Friday 06/15

Tuesday Timewasters – The Detention Edition – 01/01

I’ve been promised a tree house…Hopefully one like this!!

Bodyform, Well Done! Best Response Ever To A Facebook Comment!

‘He said I am sweet potato!’ – Quote Friday 06/29

Tuesday Timewasters: The Viral Edition – 06/19

‘YOUR FACE TELLS LIES!!!’ – Quote Friday 02/08

‘I just forked my hair’

Tuesday Timewasters – Break Room Stories – 12/04

‘You know, girls can ask guys to marry them on February 29th.’

Do you love Quote Friday? Sad to see it come to an end in two weeks? Sob, sob. Well fear not!

COMING SOON: The QUOTE FRIDAY book, the best of four years of quotes including some never before published ones. ‘Watch Out for the Hedgehog, on sale May 1st.

hedgehog (4)

For more details and special offers, sign up to our Watch Out for the Hedgehog mailing list to stay up to date. 

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