Thursday Timewasters: Nobody will notice it’s not Tuesday…right?

Tuesday Thursday Timewasters: A Collection of the Random Things I found on the Web this week! 

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Really, weather? REALLY? Hot, cold, wet, not wet, windy, a mini typhoon, come on!’…right? No? Just me? Clearly you do not live in Calgary.

Welcome to Thursday Timewasters.

It’s not Tuesday. (In fact, it’s barely even Thursday BUT it is Thursday somewhere in the world)

I know.

BUT remember, we did have a Thursday Timewasters once before so let’s not all get up in arms about ‘it’s not Tuesday’, ‘but Timewasters is supposed to be on Tuesday’, I want absolutely NO emails containing the word ‘Tuesday’…unless it’s regarding meeting up / going for coffee / I forgot I was supposed to do something ON Tuesday. Or presents. I love presents.

Moving on.

Happy Timewasting.

(As usual, if you are the owner of a picture below, shoot us an email so we can link you / credit you / bow down to the genius and humor-glory you have bestowed upon us)

andylevy baby sleep blasphemy cat poker cats cats2 coffee hot courage found dog funny-note-cat-dog-love joker and robin kitkatMind blown nope obama2 procatstination rock scissors paper Samuel L. Dogson tilt back your screen toystory trex Unexplainable Picture unicorn walking dead whatisthis

Still got time to waste? For more Timewasters, check out:

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