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Tuesday Timewasters – Star Disney War – 11/13

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With my Facebook newsfeed full of people up in arms about Disney buying Lucasfilm, making more Star Wars, George Lucas ‘selling out’ and with the more recent announcement of Michael Arndt, him from Toy Story 3 fame, being announced as the writer of Star Wars 7.

But with a director still to be announced and with a few of my friends hidden from my newsfeed in anticipation for whatever backlash they feel is appropriate, Conan O’Brien and his funny-as-hell Team Coco have put together a bunch of director audition tapes in lieu of the announcement.

Happy Timewasting!


Todd Phillips of The Hangover fame:


Kevin Smith


Woody Allen


Wes Anderson


Michael Moore


Tom Six, him who directed The Human Centipede, a movie who’s trailer alone made me feel ill…I’m NOT watching the movie.


Now, while I am aware some people take their Star Wars VERY seriously, let’s all remember folks, they were originally kids movies and heck, if Disney wanna make more, let ’em make more! I mean, just look at what they did with all their other movies: they became REAL!!


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