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Tuesday Timewasters – Dear Girls Above Me – 02/05

girls gossipFor a long time now The Canadian One has been threatening to start his own Quote Friday / Twitter with things I say around the house. He’s taken to having his phone nearby at all times just in case I say something ridiculous and he needs to jot it down.

For example, last night, around 1am, I couldn’t sleep so I woke him up to ask, ‘Was the lion in The Lion King’s name Simon?’. His reaction: ‘Simon? Simon? You think Simon is a good strong African name? Simon and his father Mufasa?’

…’So, it’s not Simon?’

Imagine my happiness when I wandered upon Dear Girls Above Me and decided I want need to be friends with these girls!

The site was started by Charlie McDowell when two annoying girls moved into the apartment above him. Forced to listen to every word they said, he started noting them down and posting anonymous letters online to them. People started writing to him to tell them they were funny and it convinced him to create a site. (Incidentally, that’s exactly how this site started!)

McDowell, himself, is rather a famous chap. Son of Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburg, step-son of Ted Danson, brother to Lily McDowell (of Sons of Anarchy fame) and rumored fiance of Rooney Mara, of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, if reports surfacing last week are anything to go by.

Here are my Top 15 Girls Above Me quotes (and I had 34 originally…and was aiming for a Top 10)…:

ashcloud billgate gasstation groundhogday koreatown sharkweek rosesarered pickletree minors ladybugs Thisword thla vibrators voting worldis round

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