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Oh, you know how it goes: Irish Girl meets Canadian boy. He has a band, she has a blog. He likes dogs, she likes cats. He likes being outside, she’ll only go outside if it’s to a beer patio and there’s alcohol. He teaches kindergarten, she teaches elementary school. They both lived in Korea but recently traded in life in The Land of the Morning Calm for life in The Land of the Maple Leaf. It’s your classic, time old love story. A blog about weird things that happen, adapting to life in a new country and figuring out just what is a loonie and why do they call it that?! 🙂

Wanna say hi? Message me: jenny@theketchupwar.com. Come on, say hi! 🙂 I’ll say hi back.

Or message me below:

52 thoughts

  1. LOVE your blog. Just started following and can’t wait for updates!

    <3, Charlotte

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