Tuesday Timewasters – 08/21

A funny, random pictures edition featuring a round-up of my favourite SomeEcards part 3! (Parts 1 and part 2 are here!)

Happy Timewasting!

On Facebook chat:

Me: ‘I logged onto the internet to write Timewasters but got distracted. Now I dunno what to write about.’

Pomegranate: ‘Write about what distracted you.’

Me: ‘I don’t think Facebook and reading about Tony Scott is Timewaster worthy.’

My favorite Facebookness:


Sent by The Canadian One:


Ricky makes a point:


From the bar menu on Friday night:

Interesting beer bottle…


Found while reading the news on my iPhone recently. As my mother would say….’WOT???’


And finally, some Ecards to keep you laughing:

Still got time to waste? For more Timewasters, check out:

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