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Tuesday Timewasters – The Detention Edition – 01/01

AAAAAnd we’re back after our short break to The Land of the Shamrock where my mother fed us enough food to keep a small army fighting. A short but awesome timewasters this week as there’s unpacking and tidying to be done…and the small fact that I slept from 12:30am til 2:55pm today after which The Canadian One announced I should probably get up considering school’s back tomorrow at 7am and I’ve no chance of getting up on time if I sleep all day today!

Man, if I could give detention at my school, the things I would have to write, ‘Friend called him a ‘baby’, he told him to ‘go back and drink mommy’s milk’…He’s seven and barely speaks any English…I can’t give detention for that! It’s genius!

Don’t forget, here at The Ketchup War, we like to give back so we’re continuing our RANDOM KOREAN PRIZE giveaway. Will it be a packet of Psy sponsored ramen? A cute, kitschy phone dangle? Or something more awesome? (probably not that last one!) All ya gotta do to be in with a shot to win is to ‘like’ a post published between December 18th 2012 and 23:59 (KST) January 18th 2013. Why the 18th? Well, why not the 18th?

Detention Notes

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