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‘Oh my God, I’m YAWNDA!!’ – Quote Friday 01/04

The best of this week’s quotes from my elementary students in South Korea (and some thrown in from friends too)

Yoda (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

And so I come to the beginning of the end. With 8 weeks left of school and my contract, the reality of soon being jobless, homeless and moving to Canada is starting to set in. Boxes started to be packed last night while The Canadian One and I played ‘keep it or toss it’ with all of our items. A mixture of excitement, trepidation and ‘crap, we’ve still not booked our flights yet’ fills my head, along with the question of ‘How many books is TOO many to post to Canada?’.

Meanwhile, as a distraction, The Canadian One and I are continuing with our New Year’s resolutions: his, to quit smoking, and mine, to stop biting my nails. He’s on Day 4 today with me on Day 3…I had a Day 1 fail when I forgot my mission and had to restart the following day. For anyone interested, The Canadian One advises reading ‘Alan Carr, The Easy Way To Quit Smoking‘, although he read the British version which lead to him also learning some new vocabulary. If you’re American, there’s also an American version, panic not.

Moving on.

This is a quote from a long long time ago when we were in a bar down in Mokpo for the sea parting festival (the sea parts and you can walk to an island nearby…no kidding…).

During a conversation about basketball:

Ed: ‘You do know who Michael Jordan is, right?’

Emma, almost offended by the question: ‘Yes, he’s in Space Jam.’


Having just spent the week at home with my mother and brother, here’s a few quotes from that to kick us off:

Me, having caught something that was falling: ‘I‘m like a ninja.’

My brother: ‘Yeah, a Kung Fu Panda ninja.’


One time, my mother set my brother and I Christmas grocery shopping with a very specific list of items to buy, here are some quotes from that:

Me: ‘What’s an elderberry?’

Him: ‘An older berry.’


Him: ‘Get the four pack.’

Me: ‘What one is that?’

Him: ‘The one with four…’


The Canadian One and I are sitting in the backseat of my mother’s car with her driving us to the shopping mall.

The Canadian One to me: ‘Stop. Stop yawning. You’re making me yawn.’

Me: ‘I’m using my force. My yawning force to make you yawn.’


Me: ‘Oh my God, I’m YAWNDA!!’


Me: ‘Like Yoda…but with yawning.’


Me: ‘Shut up, that’s possibly the smartest thing I’ll say all day.’


Me, after making a quip about something a few days later: ‘I’ll never reach the height of my ‘yawnda‘ comment.’


Speaking of stupid things, you may thing that’s not the smartest thing in the world, however, comparatively  I came out as the smartest one on our trip…and no, I wouldn’t have believed it either had I not been there.

Day One: The Canadian One almost burns the house down while babysitting the toast.

Day Two: Leaves his shoes outside in the rain.

Day Three: (Christmas Day) Sets off the panic alarm in the neighbor’s house while trying to go outside for a cigarette.

It’s worth noting here, my brother actually set the kitchen on fire last Christmas day while my mother was in the same neighbor’s house. They saw smoke billowing in from the garden next door and moments later, my brother was knocking on the door claiming to have ‘a situation’.

This year it was all ‘remember last year when your son set the kitchen on fire?’. Next year, it‘ll be ‘remember last year when your daughter’s boyfriend set the panic alarm off?’. Well done, boys, well done.

Day Five: The Canadian One sets himself on fire with a lit cigarette in his jeans…No comment.


Of his stupidity while abroad, The Canadian One: ‘You’re gonna write about this on the blog, aren’t you?’

Me: ‘Yes…Yes I am…And it will be GREAT!!’


My neighbor, telling us a story: ‘There’s this woman and she had a baby girl and you know what she called it, Wivony.’

Me and my mam: ‘Wivony?’

My neighbor: ‘Yeah, and how does she spell it: Y-V-O-N-N-E.’


A little girl who never speaks Korean in class, speaks Korean. I look over at her and she’s smiling, holding her hand over her mouth.

Her friend: ‘She no Korean. She Italy speaking.’

Me: ‘I know Italian. That wasn’t Italian.’


Kid: ‘No, no, Italy speaking. Spain speaking.’


Me, indicating to a kid to say thank you after I’ve handed him something: ‘Thank you.’

Kid: ‘Good job.’ (praising me for saying thank you)


Me: ‘What’s a desert?’

Kid: ‘The sand land!!!’


Me: ‘What’s I’ll never forget mean?’

Kid: ‘My head will never erase.’


The Canadian One teaches six year olds in a Korean kindergarten but all the kids must speak English at all times. The Canadian One walks into the bathroom where one of the little boys is brushing his teeth. He has a small bit of paper in his hand.

The Canadian One: ‘Joel, what have you got in your hand?’

Kid, looking at the paper: ‘I don’t know. But I’m just about to find out if it’s waterproof.’


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