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‘Are you many many crazy?’ – Quote Friday 11/30

The best of this week’s quotes from my elementary students in South Korea (and some thrown in from friends too)

This has been a big week for me since the last Quote Friday. First, The Land of the Maple Leaf accepts me, THEN I finished those 50,000 words a day before my time limit of 30 days were up!!


Me: ‘Green and grey don’t go together.’

TCO: ‘Yes they do!’

I start typing in my laptop.

TCO: ‘Are you asking the Internet?!’

Me: ‘Dammit. It says yes, they do.’

TCO: ‘Told you.’

Me: ‘Fine. I just don’t like that shirt. I don’t like the color. I don’t like dark colors that aren’t black.’


Speaking of an irrational dislike for things, I recently had to work with a designer designing a poster for a charity music festival The Canadian One and I are doing in TOMORROW for Little Travellers Korea, a charity we run here for the Hillcrest AIDS Center, South Africa.

Her: Is it ‘just the flowers you hate or is any pattern there a problem?’

Me: ‘No, it’s just the flowers. I think it looks like wallpaper. I don’t like wallpaper.’

Her: ‘Ah I wanted it to look like wallpaper! (I actually searched “wallpaper”)’

Me: ‘Ahhh, I seee. I think that’s why I didn’t like the grey pattern too. I don’t like wallpaper. In general. I mean in real life on walls.’

Moments later, I included for clarity:

Me: ‘I don’t hate all wallpaper. I like stripes. I just thought I’d throw that it in case you think it’s all wallpaper. Its not. Just complicated patterned wallpaper.’

We agreed on this in the end:


I walk into class. A Grade One kid is pointing an umbrella at me. I grab it from him really quickly and hold it high in the air. Little Girl next to him bursts into laughter.

Little Girl: ‘Hahahahaha, you’re small. I’m big.’ (pointing at me)


I have a kid called ‘Dave’ and every time I say his name he responds with ‘Dave’…I don’t get it.


Me, calling on a kid to answer a question: ‘Bono?’

He looked up at me from his workbook.

‘Yes, what’s problem?’


I explain what braids are to the class as the sentence in the book is, ‘Only a few boys can braid hair.’ Almost immediately a boy turns to the girl next to him and starts braiding her hair. It’s the only time in all my years of teaching have I ever had to say:

‘DUKE, stop braiding Alicia’s hair!!’


Two kids come running into my class during break.

Kid 1: ‘Teacher, teacher, Duke and Bono fight!!’

Me, busying grading tests, not looking up: ‘OK.’

Kid 1: ‘Bono win.’

Me: ‘That’s nice.’

Kid 2, laughing at him: ‘She don’t care!’


Two kids fight in my classroom:

Kid 1: ‘Are you many many crazy?!!!’


A kid is messing around.

Me: ‘Baxter, what are you doing?!!’

Baxter, turning to look at me, thinks: ‘Seeing the teacher?’


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