‘KUNG FU PANTIES!’ – Quote Friday 01/11

The best of this week’s quotes from my elementary students in South Korea (and some thrown in from friends too)

With the kids all having mid-terms this week, they’ve all been disinterested in talking much in class other than:

Before the test: ‘WAIT! WAIT!!’ and ‘WHAT TEST?!!’


I’m smiling.

Kid: ‘Why happy?’

Me: ‘I’m just happy. I’m allowed to be happy.’

Kid: ‘No.’


Me: ‘Stop talking.’

Kid: ‘English?’

Me: ‘No, all talking. Stop all talking.’

Kid: ‘What about body language?’

Me: ‘No.’

Kid: ‘But body language is type of language.’

Me: ‘Shhhhhhhh!’


Little Boy: ‘I’m hard, tired and hungry.’

Me, mishearing him: ‘If you’re hot, take off your jacket.’

Little boy: ‘NO! I’m not hot. I’M HARD.’..o.O


The kids are writing a page about their favorite vacation.

Kid: ‘How you spell island?’

Me: ‘Island? Which island?’

Kid: ‘Your island.’

Me: ‘Oh, Ireland. You’ve never been to Ireland. Write about something you know.’


Kid: ‘How you spell island?’

Kid 2: ‘IRE-LAND. I? R?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Kid 2: ‘E? L-A-N-D.’

Me: ‘Nice! That was a good guess!’

The two kids run to the map on the wall to search for Ireland. They find it and Kid 1 puts his hands triumphantly in the air.

Kid 1: ‘WE’RE THE BIGGER!!! YAY!!!!’



No…I don’t know why he said that either.


Kid: ‘I go to Canada. I see the Canada famous food. I eat the Canada famous food. I step on maple leaves.’

Me: ‘Have you been to Canada?’

Kid: ‘No.’


During a test: Kid, to me: ‘What’s answer B?’


Kid: ‘No pencil!’

Me: ‘Anyone have a pencil to give Roy?’

All shake their heads.

Me: ‘I’ll give you a sticker if you give him a pencil.’

Five kids hold up pencils to give him.


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17 thoughts on “‘KUNG FU PANTIES!’ – Quote Friday 01/11

    • Haha, I’ve just come back from Ireland so they’ve been curious about it and talking about it a lot! AND the Korean for Ireland is the same pronunciation as ‘island’! That helped. Man, I keep finding funny things for your WTF Friday posts, all news articles. I should start sending them along to you!! If you start getting random links from me next week, you know that’s happened! 🙂

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