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‘YOU are OUT of the line!’ – Quote Friday 12/14

The best of this week’s quotes from my elementary students in South Korea (and some thrown in from friends too)

First up, we WON!!! Thanks for all the lovely votes and comments and reviews! You people are awesome!! blog-award-2012-korea-south-goldTA-DA!!!

Mam, on the phone, just after I woke up: ‘Did you win? Did your blog win the thing?’

Me: ‘Yeah, I just checked my email. I did!’


Mam: ‘Do you remember promising everyone who voted for you a free drink?’


Me: ‘Yes….NOW I do!’

Mam: ‘I want my free drink.’

In celebration, we’re giving away a RANDOM KOREAN PRIZE!!

Uh huh!

Ouuuu will it be a packet of Psy sponsored ramen? A cute, kitschy phone dangle? Or something more awesome? (probably not that last one!) All ya gotta do to be in with a shot to win is to ‘like’ this post between NOW and 11:59pm Sunday 16th 2012 (KST).

Winner will be posted on Monday!

Moving on.


A little boy and little girl have been fighting in my class all week.


Girl: ‘Yes, he doesn’t.’

Boy: ‘YES, HE DOESN’T?!!!’

Girl: ‘NO!!!’

Boy: ‘Why are you angry with me?!!’

They stopped talking.


All the kids are standing in a line to get their workbook corrected. Suddenly I hear:


I looked over and he’s staring at the little girl. I glance back down at the workbook I’m correcting and suddenly the little girl falls out of the line.

Boy: ‘YOU are OUT of the line!’

I still have no idea what they’re fighting about.


Me: ‘Ou snow!’

Kid 1: ‘I don’t like snow.’

Kid 2, to Kid 1: ‘You’re old.’


Me: ‘Who’s your favorite sports star or movie star or model or tv star?’

Kid: ‘I don’t like entertainers.’


After explaining to my grade ones what ‘son’ means.

One little boy: ‘I have a son.’

Me: ‘No, you don’t.’

Boy: ‘YES, I DO!’

And then he mimics rocking a baby.


Kid: ‘What’s your Korean name?’

Me: ‘I don’t have a Korean name.’

Kid 2: ‘Kimchi Teacher.’


Last week, the kids had a sub teacher for the day as I was off school. Sub teachers generally half teach the lesson and mainly play games. They also don’t discipline and the kids loved it because he didn’t know the seating chart so the kids all sat with their friends and spoke Korean.

Kid: ‘You like Christmas’

Me: ‘Yeah, I’m going to Ireland for Christmas.’

Kid: ‘Really?’

Me: ‘Yeah, for six days.’

Kid 2: ‘JOHN TEACHER?!!’ (the sub)

Me: ‘No.’

All the boys: ‘JOHN TEAC-HER!’

All the girls: ‘JENNY TEACHER!’

Me: ‘No new teacher. No class.’

Entire class: ‘YAY!!’

Me: ‘You know we’ll be on vacation right? I’m going to Ireland during vacation week.’

Entire class: ‘Awwwwww…’


We’re reading a story about a parrot named Pippin who flies away from home (and to be fair, if I had Princess Emily as an owner, I’d fly away too!).

Me: ‘Why’s Emily sad?’

Kid: ‘Where’s Pippin.’

Me: ‘Good. Pippin is gone away. And where is Pippin?’

A kid leaps from his seat: ‘HERE!!!’ and then he flaps around the classroom.


Me, readying the listening class: ‘Ok, now we’re gonna listen…’

Kid: ‘To music?’

Me: ‘No.’


Me: ‘Everybody…’

Kid: ‘Kung Fu Fighting!!’


Me: ‘What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? And you can’t say money.’

Kid: ‘Cash.’


While I’m giving out candy treats, Kid: ‘I don’t like candy. I like cake.’


A little girl’s tooth falls out. I naturally make a scrunchy face when she tries to show it to me, then I give her tissue for the blood, ask if she’s ok, she’s smiling and nods, proud of her little tooth.

Other kid: ‘NURSE!! NURSE!!!’

Me: ‘Shhhh, stop. She’s fine. She doesn’t need a nurse.’

The little girl is sitting back at her seat by now staring at her tooth smiling.

I point at her. She gives a thumbs up.

Other kid: ‘NURSE!!’

Me: ‘She’s. Fine!’

Kid next to her: ‘Congratulations!’

A few minutes later, she volunteers to read (they were practicing role plays when her tooth fell out). She had tissue wadded in her mouth.

Kid 2: ‘GUM!!!’

Me: ‘Her tooth fell out, it’s tissue.’

Kid 2 nods while I’m thinking where were you a minutes ago when we were all discussing her tooth falling out?!


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