“Ms. Ireland?” – Quote Friday – 03/15

lil leprechauns
Image by Jasmaine Mathews

This week I’ve been busy sub-teaching at a school and as a result, QUOTES!! Ta-da!! Ok, so I wanna say this is the last ever, there’ll-be-no-more, Quote Fridays BUT I just asked to sub-teach on Monday at a different school sooooo if those kids are interesting, Quote Friday is a go-go…If not, well….you know….

All of these questions came up in the different books and were all asked to different classes.

Me: “What do you do on sport’s day?”

Kid 1: “Swimming.”

Kid 2: “OLYMPICS?!!”


Kid comes into class, looks at me and says: “Ms. Ireland?”


Kid, in Korean: “You don’t know Korean?”

Me, in Korean: “No, I don’t know Korean.”

Kid pauses and looks at me skeptically.


Me: “What don’t you like?”

Kid 1: “I don’t like fish.”

Kid 2: “I don’t like nuclear weapons.”

Kid 3, turning slowly to look at Kid 2: “I don’t like rain…”

Kid 4: “I don’t like crazy people.”


Me: “What do you like?”

Girl: “TEACHER!!! HE (pointing at the boy sitting opposite her) likes here!!!” (she points to her vagina)


Me: “What’s your name?”

Kid: “Honey.”

Kid 2: “Honey Boo Boo?”


Me: “What smells bad?”

Kid: “Alcohol.”

Me: “OK.”

Kid: “But not beer. Other…”

Me: “Soju?”

Kid: “Yes.”


Me: “What are you scared of?”

Kid 1: “Fire.”

Boy: “Flowers.”

Me: “Flowers?”

Boy: “Yes.”

Me: “OK, next.”

Kid 2: “Spider.”

Kid 3: “Height.”

Kid 4: “BIRD!!!”

Kid 5: “Poo.”


Me: “What’s terrible?”

Kid 1: “War.”

Kid 2: “Die.”

Kid 3: “Kill.”

Kid 4: “Kim Jong-Un.”

Kid 5: “Rain….wet….”


Do you love Quote Friday? Sad to see it come to an end…eventually? Who really knows at this point?! I keep saying ‘It’s the last one’ and then I do one more….

OUT NOW: The QUOTE FRIDAY book, the best of four years of quotes including some never before published ones: Watch Out for the Hedgehog’.

hedgehog (4)

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