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‘Throw in giant spiders.’ – Quote Friday 11/09

This week, well last week to be more exact, I started NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, in which participants aim to write a 50,000word novel in a month. I’m currently at 12,515words which isn’t bad but isn’t good as my target for today is to be at 15,000words minimum. As a result, updates this month will be few and far between, unless we get approved for my Canadian visa, then you’ll know ALL about it!

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I’ve spent a lot of time staring at my blank screen this week and The Canadian One has done his best to help:

The Canadian One’s advice for the blank page: ‘White is the color of peace…and loneliness.’


Me: ‘I’ve become stucked.’ (not a word, let’s not panic)

Him: ‘Throw in giant spiders. That’s gotta be at least four pages just describing them.’


Me: ‘I’m seven words off my target.’

Him, counting on his fingers: ‘And then they lived happily ever after…I can’t believe that’s actually seven!’


At dinner, guy: ‘Stop humping the furniture….You have no idea how many times people say that to me at parties.’


Also at dinner, South African girl: ‘Where are you from?’

Me: ‘Ireland.’

Her: ‘North or south?’

Me: ‘South. Dublin.’

Her: ‘I didn’t know Dublin was south!! Say ‘car”

Me: ‘Car.’

Her, looking more disappointed that I’ve ever seen anyone  my entire life, ‘No, you don’t say it the way my friend does.’


WTF moment of the week:

The Canadian Immigration office in Seoul sent me a letter requesting my address. A letter!


Little girl to little boy annoying her: ‘You are a bad child!’


Kid, instead of saying ‘Oh my God!’: ‘OH MY GRANDFATHER!!’


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