And The Land of the Maple Leaf lets me in!!

national Flag of Canada

So remember I told you about how The Canadian One and I drank beer and filled in paperwork while applying for my Permanent Residence Visa so we can move to Canada together as a couple?

‘It’ll take 13 months’, they said.

‘You’ll have to go for an interview’, they said.

‘You most probably won’t be in Canada by March’, they said.

And BOOM, they were wrooooooooooong!!!

FROM THIS: Sent April 24th 2012

TO THIS: Arrived November 24th 2012…EXACTLY 7 MONTHS LATER!

Uh huh, goodbye Land of the Morning Calm and HELLO Land of the Maple Leaf!!

Well, now that I have my visa, watch out for the full story of ‘The Road to Canada is paved with Patience’ coming in December. Including stories of how I ended up submitting four criminal background checks for myself (and I’ve never ever committed a crime), my conversation with Canadian Immigration in Canada despite being told I couldn’t call them from here (and them demanding to speak to my husband. Them: ‘What are you?’ Me: ‘I’m a tourist?’ Pause. Them: ‘Is your husband there?’) and of course, immigration sending me a letter asking for my address…o.O!


Any advice for a future Canada dweller? Winter, people, I need advice for surviving winter!! I’ve heard rumors about the snow…

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