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‘I’m sorry I flicked s**t at you.’ – Quote Friday – 08/03

Since I’ve been off school this week there are no new quotes from students so ya’ll will have to wait another seven days to see what ridiculous things my students say in class. To tide you over though, here are some of the best quotes from The Shamrock and The Canadian One do Busan.

Having just arrived in Busan:

Me: ‘You think 11:15 is too early to start drinking?’

Him, almost offended by the question: ‘No!!’

Me: ‘And this is why I love you!’

A minute later we were in an Irish bar having these for breakfast:


Me: ‘Why can’t you get married tomorrow?’ – I confused ‘get messed up’ with ‘get married’.


Guy on train: ‘How old are you?’

Me: ’28.’

Guy: ‘Really? You could be a high school student!’

Me: ‘YAY!!’

The Canadian One stares, dubiously, raising his eyebrows.


Him: ‘I’m sorry I flicked shit at you. I’ll pay for dinner.’ – Having just flicked poop on me with his foot after he stepped in it on the beach. He thought it was a bug on his foot and flicked it towards me. I later got dinner, drinks and a bracelet out of it.


On the way into Busan Train Station:

Him: ‘I gotta pee. ‘

Me: ‘ME TOO!!’

Him: ‘I have an excuse. I drank five beers!’

Me: ‘I drank two!’

Him: ‘You drank one and a half.’

Me: ‘No, I drank that giant one. That counts as one and a half all by itself.’

Him: ‘That was a normal one. It was just in a taller glass so it looked bigger.’

Me: ‘Like how you shave and it looks bigger?’


At home, me playing fast and loose with The Canadian One’s diabetes:

Me: ‘Can you pass me the sugar? It’s in the thingy at the end.’

Him: ‘It says fake sugar on it.’

Me: ‘It’s real sugar. It’s just labelled wrong……OH YEAH, don’t use the sugar in the ‘fake sugar’ bottle…it’s real sugar. I forgot to tell you that.’


While talking about a girl The Canadian One previously lived with:

Me: ‘I find it weird that you had this whole life before me. It’s like I missed a season of a TV show.’


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