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‘They think we’re American.’ – Quote Friday 07/06

Quote Friday: A round-up of the best quotes from my elementary school kids in South Korea this week!

Ridiculous WordPress Stat Notice of the Week:

Someone Googled ‘in what part of canada the strippers earn more money?’ and found me…

What the WHAT?! of the Week:

While walking through our neighborhood on Wednesday on the way to watch The Amazing Spiderman, The Canadian One and I (The Shamrock) had a woman and her son jump out at us, waving their arms in celebration and wishing us:


I smiled politely while The Canadian One did what I should have done, leaned away slightly with suspicion and caution. While the incident confused The Canadian One, I came up with only one explanation:

‘They think we’re American.’

REALLY?!?!! Conversation of the Week:

I walk into my classroom to my co-teacher, who has her own classroom, messing about with my clock.
Me: ‘What are you doing?’
Her: ‘Changing the time.’
Me: ‘It’s five minutes slow. I know. I did that.’
Her: ‘The parents complain you let the students go home five minutes early.’
I look momentarily confused.
Me: ‘I don’t. I let them go at the right time.’
She changes my clock to the correct time.
Me: ‘No, no, I changed the clock because all the students start packing their stuff too early and I don’t want them to so I changed the time on the clock…about three months ago.’
Her: ‘The parents complain.’
Me: ‘Ok, but…I’m changing my clock back.’
Reluctantly, she hands me back my clock and I change it back again.
And onto Quotes…Happy Quote Friday!
During a tick-the-boxes worksheet:
CD: ‘It’s warm in spring’
Choices a) A snowy picture or b) A spring picture.
Me: ‘What’s the answer?’
Kid: ‘B.’
Me: ‘And what’s the sentence?’
Kid 2: ‘IT’S B.’
I look at him.
Kid 2: ‘It’s a sentence!’
Me: ‘Your homework is pages 34-37.’
Kid 2: ‘I want my money back!’
During a break, the younger kids are messing about. One kid tries to kick another kid from the other side of a desk but misses.
Kid 2: ‘Hahahaha, you have short legs!!’
We had literally just learned body parts, etc in the previous class. I was so proud!…Until I had to break up the ensuing fight.
Kid: ‘He goes go camping.’
Kid 2: ‘NO!’
Kid: ‘He goes go camping.’
Kid 2: ‘NOOOO!’
Kid: ‘It says!!! He goes go camping.’
Kid: ‘He goes…camping?’
Kid 2 exhales.
Me: ‘Today we will do all of unit 6.’
Kid: ‘No thanks.’
Me: ‘That wasn’t a question.’
Kid: ‘Oh…’
I immediately regret the page in the book that says: ‘Interview your English teacher and write up the interview.’
Among the questions I got asked:
‘Do you have a Korean name?’
‘Are you intimate with Korean teacher?’ (who’s female and works in the next classroom)
‘Do you have boyfriend?’
‘Do you like fruit?’
‘What are you weight?’
‘After school you do what?’
‘England and Korea which is better?’
‘How much you get monthly salary?’
‘Will you marry me?’
Luckily class ended before I answered….well, any of them! Thank God for well-timed classes!

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Haha no worries your blog never fails to crack me up 😉 My dog will walk around the long way on concrete or he will stop and look back at me as if to say “I need shoes for this crap !” 🙂 Xx

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