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‘Achoo achoo?’ – Quote Friday – 01/25

The best of this week’s quotes from my elementary students in South Korea (and some thrown in from friends too)

First up, and didn’t make it into this week’s FREE RICE Tuesday Timewasters, was this:

Hey Craig

Moving on.

Happy Quote Friday!

Kid comes up to my desk and thrusts a coffee cup in my face.


I look at the cup and sure enough there’s a tiny turtle in a small pool of water in the cup.

Me: ‘OH MY GOD!! That is a turtle!! Why do you have a turtle in my class?’

Kid: ‘Because mommy is no home.’

I look at the turtle.

Me: ‘Can I take a picture?’

She holds it out in front of her, excitedly, ‘YES!!’


Me, while explaining ‘recommend’: ‘I recommend you do your homework.’

Kid: ‘No thanks, I’m not hungry.’


Kids are all sitting quietly doing their worksheet. Some of them look like they might fall asleep.

I yell: ‘OK!!!’ and clap my hands. They all jump.

Kid: ‘Teacher! Please! No surprise!’

Me: ‘But I have to make sure you’re all awake.’

Kid: ‘I am awake. Now is awake time!’


While drawing her family tree, kid: ‘My uncle is…No aunt…He is…only.’ and scrunches up her face.


Me: ‘What’s a pyramid?’

Kid: ‘Egypt king die house.’


Kid: ‘Are you ok?’

Me: ‘I have a cold.’

Kid: ‘Achoo achoo?’

Me: ‘Yes.’


A kid is whispering in Korean in my class. I look at him.

Me: ‘I can see you.’

Kid, looks at me: ‘I know.’

Kid in front of him to me: ‘I see you!’


Me: ‘What kind of music do you like?’

Kid: ‘TV drama OST.’


Me: ‘What do you like to do on a Saturday?’

Kid: ‘I stay home.’

Me: ‘Why do you like to stay home?’

Kid: ‘You can find money.’


Me: ‘Where’s London?’

Kid: ‘New York City.’


Me: ‘Where’s San Francisco?’

Kid, looks at map: ‘Russia?’


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