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Tuesday Timewasters – Will It Blend? – 01/08

Ok, to kick us off, WHY is this a thing? Why? 

iPad vs. Blender
iPad vs. Blender (Photo credit:

Recently, The Canadian One and I have been ridding our lives of all our unnecessary things that won’t quite be making the border crossing into Canada with us. Goodbye juicer (which I used once to test it before selling it as I forgot we owned it), hand blender (yeah, I didn’t know we owned one of those), normal blender (which I made soup with twice and mostly make breadcrumbs with), other-normal-blender (which was broken), and a whole plethora of other stuff…like hair straighteners, I don’t even straighten my hair. Never have. Hell, I’m lucky I have the patience to dry it in the mornings.

Before you start thinking, ‘Wow, how irresponsible, buying all those items and never using them.’ Let me stop you there.

You see, when people leave Korea, they like to hand off their stuff to friends. Friends who take a free juicer and think, ‘Ouuu, all the smoothies I can make’ and then puts it under the sink and forgets they own it. I was one of those friends. NOW, I’m the friend who thinks ‘I don’t care if you don’t want a spice rack with three shelves and a basket, you will take the spice rack and it will no longer be my problem. Enjoy.’ I gotta say, getting free stuff was more fun.

Moving on.

I don’t know about you but when I think of blenders, I think ‘soup’, ‘pasta sauce’, ‘smoothie’, I do NOT think ‘iPhone’, ‘Kindle’ or ‘Crowbar’.

Unlike Tom Dickson, inventor of the Blendtec Blender. He’s been making blenders for over 18 years and in 2007, decided to put his ‘blender tests’ on the web. With its wonderfully retro theme music and its, at time, awkward to watch host, this site had me and The Canadian One pointing ‘Click on crowbar!! Oh my God, click on marbles!! Glow sticks!! I wanna do that!’ – Mainly me…but he was there.

Having been using the tests to measure the performance of the blender in the lab, Tom Dickson and the videos soon went viral and since then, there’s been a steady stream videos featuring unusual blends.

Such as Bic Lighters:

The iPhone 5 vrs Galaxy S3

Golf Balls!



GOD DAMMIT, now I want a Blendtec Blender. Check out their YouTube site for more random blends or suggest your own on their Facebook site

What do YOU wanna blend?

Elsewhere on the web, if you’re not doing anything:

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