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Tuesday Timewasters – 365 songs in 356 days – 04/23

So, some of you may be wondering where I’ve been for two weeks. TWO. WEEKS. I’ve not posted anything for two whole weeks. That’s like, a lifetime in blog-years. BUT I do have a good excuse.

Today is my one month anniversary of living in Canada! Whoop whoop. And it’s my 18th day of living in my new hometown of Calgary. The Canadian One and I have been super busy. In fact, we’ve been more than busy, we’ve been downright unstoppable. In just 18 short days, we’ve landed an apartment, jobs, health cards, I got a SIN, we got two phones, a whole host of furniture and I’ve experienced both ankle deep snow and IKEA for the first time. Quite frankly,  I’m surprised I survived either one of them.

photo (11)

I also finished the Quote Friday book: Watch Out For The Hedgehog. Double Whoop Whoop. For more information on that, and to join in in our ebook elaunch the-party-without-the-mess, check out the Facebook Event Page for discounts and free copies.

So, previously on: The Life of Jenny

Let’s go back a few weeks.

The last thing I did before I left Korea was to volunteer for the Irish Association of Korea’s annual St. Patrick’s Day festival:

Somewhere a child is crying
Somewhere a child is crying

My friend’s baby won second place in the costume competition:

photo (9)

And I won in the raffle. You’d swear there was a fix goin‘ on.

I was a volunteer co-ordinator. Which is just a fancy way of saying I organized, liaised with, scheduled and supervised all the volunteers. I’ve done this type of job plenty of times before so this was a doddle for me. Here I am:


There would later be a hoopla about the return of the t-shirts and some not being returned…which lead to me leaving the country with one by accident. It wasn’t even my t-shirt, mind you. I returned mine like I was supposed to. Anywoo, it makes a great pajama sweater for Canada weather.

The IAK threw an after party, as is traditional for the Irish. Really, any excuse and there’s a party and alcohol. I manned the door, then I got yelled at, there was a dispute, I stormed off (well, I walked away politely, I mean you don’t want to be THAT Irish girl at a party on St. Patrick’s Day storming around like a Loonie Toon), THEN I managed to bag FOUR free Guinness tokens (because I was yelled at and was felt sorry for).

There’s a lesson there. Be angry – Get nothing. Be pouty – Get free Guinness. Remember that if you ever visit Ireland.

Unfortunately, I don’t drink Guinness and The Canadian One was off at a non-St. Patrick’s Day party…o.O…Feel free to judge him…

I’ll wait.

…So I gave my Guinness away. To this guy (with The Canadian One’s blessing):

photo (12)

He had us all up dancin‘ and jiggin‘ and had one tall blonde guy in particular just going mental.

No, seriously.

Less than two weeks later, I see him again at The Canadian One’s LAST. EVER. GIG with the Bears (and our leaving party).

And HE is the focus of this week’s Tuesday Timeswaster!

Does anyone remember when I tried to do a photo a day for 500 days? No? Me neither. He’s trying to do a song a day for 365 days and so far, so good. He’s on day 113, which is further than I got.

The Ketchup War presents our Top Ten Dara Sheahan A-Song-A-Day Songs: (alternatively, it could have been titled Top Ten Guy-From-Ireland-Plays-Acoustic-Guitar-In-Korea-Every-Day-Songs but it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well)

Day 113: Someone Like You (Adele)


Day 66: The Wild Rover (reminds me of Ireland EVERY TIME)


Day 34: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (Same as above)


Day 42: Lime in the Coconut


Day 39: Ain’t No Sunshine (Does anyone else think Notting Hill when they hear this…or is it just me?)


Day 43: Brown Eyed Girl


Day 104: Word Up

…No, seriously…Irish Acoustic Version…


Day 86: Dancing in the Moonlight


Day 73: Whiskey in the Jar (If you’re Irish, try not to sing along, I dare you)


You failed, didn’t you? I heard you sing. Don’t deny it.

Day 49: Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Lemme tell you a story. My favorite song in the entire world is Sittin‘ on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding and besides Otis’s original, my second favorite is Playing for Change’s. Everytime I hear it, I think about The Canadian One and I walking home from a bar, early morning, in Gangnam, it’s raining and we’re huddled under the umbrella, he’s stealing Hawaii Five-O posters from a bus stop for me and we’re listening to his iPhone play this song on You Tube on loud speaker. Ohhh what the Korean’s must have thought of us!

Doesn’t matter who sings it, that’s always the image I get.


To keep up with Dara Sheahan’s 365 songs mission find him at his YouTube Channel or find him on Facebook.

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12 replies on “Tuesday Timewasters – 365 songs in 356 days – 04/23”

Hahahahaha! Ironic isn’t it? That I ended up stealing a T-shirt? I prefer to think of it as it was returned to me at my home and then I just never ventured to return it to you. Let’s call it borrowing for an unspecified period of time without consent. I’m taking good care of it. It’s happy in Canada. 😉

Glad to hear it. Be sure to wear it near any rich & overly patriotic Irish-Canadian businessmen who feel like spending large amounts of money on cultural charities in Korea!

Thanks so much for the write-up! 😀

I’m supposed to be doing some work, but instead I’m ploughing through your Timewasters… Cracking stuff!

Hahaha, no problem! And glad you like Timewasters. Further proving I occasionally find myself with waaaaay too much time on my hands!

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