Spelling…it’s an awkward thing…

spellingSpelling is an awkward thing. I make spelling errors All. The. Time. Regular readers will know this. Some of you write to me. Some of you Facebook me. One of you (and you know who you are) once called me to tell me. Although more often than not, The Canadian One is the first to point out the mistake. It usually starts with:

Him, reading my writing: “Ummm….is….this word / phrase / entire sentence…”

And I look at the piece and think, ‘Sh*t!’.

But today…today was interesting.

Today at bank school we had a presentation by the Manager of Communications. His first slide was something to do with the bank. I want to say it was the bank’s logo but it was 8:30 in the morning, I was a coffee and two Motrin (period pain) into the day and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you if he had a giraffe standing on top of a bear on the big screen or a picture of Brad Pitt. Although both of those scenarios are unlikely.

What really caught my eye, and my eye only it would seem, was slide two: His name and his title. In giant white block writing against a blue background projected onto our huge screen covering most of a wall in the classroom.

‘His Name. Manger of Communications.’



…Of Communications.

If there is ONE THING you should check-check-triple-check for a presentation, it’s the spelling of your own job title.

ANY other word would be okay to misspell.

ANY OTHER WORD would be forgivable (perhaps not your own name).




Although, speaking of spelling names, my co-worker, while writing her name on something: “My name is so long, I sometimes have a hard time spelling it.”

Again…I work at a bank…o.O

As an aside to this, before I met The Canadian One he was supposed to fly to Ireland (oddly enough) to attend a friend’s wedding (this friend, with the baby…pre-baby), and there was a mess up with his flight ticket.

His name was misspelled on his ticket.

His name.

His friend had booked his ticket and misspelled The Canadian One’s name.

Opting not to pay the astronomical fee for a name-change, he demanded his money back and didn’t go to Ireland.

He didn’t go to Ireland and so he was in Korea for Christmas.

He was in Korea for Christmas and so he met me, an Irish girl.

We had our first date on Christmas Day and have been together ever since.

So maybe misspellings are good things…you just never know what they’re gonna lead to.

(Please no emails about misspellings in this post, you know the rules, just assume it’s intentional!)

4 thoughts

  1. This made me laugh. I’m usually pretty good with spelling but once I did have 25,000 conference brochures printed with ‘Cental and Eastern Europe’ on the front….

      1. Oh yes – my boss – whose brochure I was proof reading while on holiday. There were no mistakes anywhere else – it was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. She was very good about it which I’m still amazed by to this day….

      2. Hahaha, that’s awesome! If it makes you feel any better, I once taught an entire Kindergarten class the seasons are: Summer, Fall, Winter and SPING. I never even noticed until I was cleaning the board at the end of class!

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