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I Can Totally Relate!! – A Lil’ Somethin’ Extra Today – 11/13

A friend of mine runs this awesome Tumblr, and if you are on Tumblr (have a Tumblr? Ok, I’m just learning Twitter, one thing at a time) you should friend him (if that’s something you do on Tumblr).

He’s been featured anonymously several times on Quote Friday (he’s Random Dude in bar / at dinner / at gig – delete as appropriate) and today he posted this and I just could not NOT share it! I can totally relate!


Although given how much I rant in general, The Canadian One is probably reading this thinking what is she NOT ranting about?

My Grade One Class.

The weather.

Why the fridge keeps freezing my our onions? Why, fridge, why?!!

Can you relate?

What are you NOT ranting about on a daily basis? Does your fridge freeze your onions? If so, I can totally relate!

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