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Cat Week: My Cat Snowy

***Welcome to ‘Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier’, a week of all things CAT.***

Lemme tell you about my cat, Snowy.

Snowy came along after a long string of other cats from the same cat-lineage. At one point we owned the mother, a vicious cat named Muffin, who ran into our house one night and bore three kittens. We’d never owned a cat before and my mother, hating cats, eventually relented and let us keep her. Twelve kittens (all rehomed or kept) and several grandkittens (and a parental divorce on my part) later, my mother decided to get me a new cat. A different cat. One not connected to Muffin at all. At this point, Muffin was long gone and the only cat remaining was a cat from her first litter, a giant grey fluffy cat named Coco, who lived with my father.

I was perhaps 14 years old, sneaking down the stairs with my younger brother to see what Santa had brought us on Christmas morning, when I first laid eyes on Snowy. A tiny, screaming white kitten with black blotches and a squirrel-esque fluffy tail, I instantly fell in love with her. Out of her box, she darted up the Christmas tree where she hid for the majority of the day. A year later, recognising the tree, she’d get a huge shock when she was too big to climb it and almost toppled the tree over. I wanted to name her ‘Snowball’ but my mother said she was ‘not standing on the street calling ‘Snowball’ into the air trying to find the cat’. We settled on ‘Snowy’ in the end, as she was white…although as she grew she became more black on top than white.

Snowy survived longer than any other cat I’ve ever had and when I moved to England and then Korea she technically became my mother and brother’s cat.

My mother would call me to update me on what the cat was doing as it was doing it. One memorable time she calls me, laughing her ass off and says:

‘You’ll never guess what the cat just did. She was outsmarted by a bird!!  A bird!! She was standing on the back wall (of the garden) and a small bird landed next to her. Snowy got ready to pounce and the bird flew over Snowy and landed on the other side of her. Snowy spun around really quickly and got ready to pounce on the bird again. The little bird flew over Snowy again and Snowy spun around to pounce on it again. It did it again and again and again and then guess what happened?! The stupid cat fell off the wall!!’

And then she laughed for a full 30 seconds.

Snowy died after 11 years with us after refusing to come indoors during a snowstorm and succumbing to hypothermia. My mother found her in the morning, dead in the snow, and called me in Korea to tell me. I cried for an entire day, while back home in Ireland my brother was trying desperately to shovel the frozen earth in the garden to bury her.

Snowy was around in the days before people would take 15 pictures of their cat sitting in the garden over the course of two minutes and as a result I have maybe three or four pictures of her. She was my favorite cat and the friendliest cat in the world. So much so that we often feared someone would try to take her as she would just wander up to people thinking they were her friend. My mother has even said ‘she was the best cat ever’…and given that she dislikes cats, that’s a pretty big achievement on Snowy’s part.

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