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Cat Week: Minus the Cat

***Welcome to ‘Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier’, a week of all things CAT.***

‘Some of the strips were slappers: ‘Oh, I could have left that out.’ It would have been funnier’.’ – Jim Davis, creator of Garfield (via The Washington Post)

And that’s just what Garfield minus Garfield creator, Dan Walsh did. He left out the cat. Hailing from my hometown of Dublin (YAY!), Walsh is quick to point out that he wasn’t the first to come up with the premise of minus Garfield but he was the first to make it as popular as it is today. The haliarious and often pointent adventures of Jon Arbuckle without his beloved cat are at times filled with deep sadness and loneliness you kinda just wanna give him a hug. Or just give him his cat back.

See Garfield as you’ve never seen him before.

Buy the book or submit your own to garfieldminusgarfield (at)

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