Cat Week: What the CAT?!

***Welcome to ‘Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier’, a week of all things CAT.***

And finally, Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier 2012 comes to an end! Here’s a round-up of all the things we didn’t get to this week:


THIS cat, Tuxedo Stan, is running for mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada….Oh Canada!

(via Facebook)


Man in North Korea claims his dog gave birth to a kitten!


The Gothamist has some fantastic coverage of this year’s Cat Fashion Show at the Algonquin Hotel.


There’s a book out there in the world (and on-sale at Amazon) called ‘Why Paint Cats’…Why indeed…


Yep, there’s a site out there called catsthatlooklikepinupgirls


Meanwhile, on, they’re showcaseing a range of famous paintings that would look so much better with a cat in them!


Cat are evil:






Man in 1827 uses beard as cat nest:



For more Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier, check out:


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