Cat Week: Haaaaave you met Daisy, the cutest cat EVER?!

***Welcome to ‘Cat Week: Like Shark Week But Fluffier’, a week of all things CAT.***

When Ben Torode and his girlfriend wandered into a pet store just to look around, they had no idea they would be leaving with the world’s cutest kitten. Named Daisy, after Torode’s nickname for his wife, this little kitten has quickly caught the internet’s eye, with her being featured on a variety of sites.

Working from home as a Japanese to English translator, Torode has ample time to play, spoil and photograph Daisy all day long.

Torode explains it’s not as easy as it seems to shoot a kitten and he’s learned that nearly impossible to make a kitten do something it just doesn’t want to do, a feeling I think all kitten owners can agree with.

When asked what advice he’d give new kitten owners, Torode told The Ketchup War, ‘I think it is important for owners to remember that the kitten-stage is over before you know it, so I recommend taking as many pictures as possible so you have something to remember throughout the cat’s life. Also, expose the kitten to different types of pet food and different experiences (brushing, bathing, etc.) early-on or you’ll have a tough time later.’

See more pictures of Daisy and Ben Torode’s work here. All photos copyright Ben Torode. All Rights Reserved.

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