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Tuesday Timewasters – 10/02

Happy Timewasting!!




Further proving English is just weird! Whenever my students ask me ‘Why?’ with regards to the English language, my response is always ‘Because English is strange and you just have to learn it that way…’


Two versions of the same thing, both appearing in my newsfeed on the same day by two completely different people!

If you are interested in donating a small amount of money per day to build a kids’ school or to send a kid to school for a year, I suggest these people. The Canadian One and I sponsor three kids to attend school there and my friend has travelled out to work for them.


And finally, wrapping things up, I hope this is true!! I really REALLY do!

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13 replies on “Tuesday Timewasters – 10/02”

I know, right?! I spent some of my time reading it aloud saying ‘Ohhhh yeah!’. Pity my students aren’t old enough to understand any of it, or else I’d teach some of it to them. When teaching words like that I usually open with, ‘You know the way in Korean ‘eye’ and ‘snow’ are the same?’…and then they kinda get it. lol!

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