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Tuesday Timewasters – Oh, the things people will do for a fiver!


While the world around us is in economic turmoil, is there is a refuge for budding entrepreneurs to make a buck? Oh, why yes there is! Enter: The Internet. Upon an earth filled with artists, writers, musicians and freelancers, a world of opportunity has arisen in the form of (USA / Canada) and (UK)

Siting the rise in unemployment as a springboard for launching a site such as this, fiverr’s creator Micha Kaufman wanted to create a place where people could offer gigs, build a fanbase and earn money. Take a simple concept: Sellers offer a service for £5 / $5. Buyers become intrigued and purchase said service. And thus the circle is complete.

With some really odd offerings among the gems, you really do have to be open-minded when trawling through the site’s offerings but bear in mind, some people have made up to $15,000 from gigs on the site! Seriously. This dude is one of them.

Among my favorite oddities the sites have to offer would be:

– I will sing Happy Birthday to you in Welsh wearing only a Welsh flag thong and a wooly hat for $5 (from a guy…who is interestingly listed as a top seller)

– I will teach you how to land a plane if the pilot passes out for $5

–  I will make my brother dance like a bee holding your sign for $5

– I will send you a one dollar bill folded into a random origami shape for $5I will send you or a friend a single bag of tea with a special message in it for $5

– I will pretend to be married to you on Facebook for $5 / I will be your girlfriend on Facebook for 5 days for $5

– I will allow my friend to kick a basketball at my face for $5

– I will send you the link to get the best playground equipment online for $5

– I will video chickens pecking your photograph into tiny, terrifying pieces for $5

– I will FINALLY settle a dispute between you two for $5

– I will write your message on my huge beer gut…AS SEEN ON THE JAY LENO SHOW (Seriously, it says that…)

– I will make a 20 second video crying about anything you want for $5

I’m kinda tempted to request a picture of a zebra wearing wooly boots and a sun hat…what, she says ANYTHING



It begs the question, what would you pay someone to do for a fiver…or more importantly, what would you do for a fiver?

In the spirit of this entrepreneurship, The Canadian One has come up with his own fiverr offer. Give him a fiver and he’ll dress up as a bear holding a sign with your name on it and dance to a song of your choosing for 30 seconds. We’ll post the video on our YouTube site just as soon as my eyes dry from laughing so much. All fivers sent will go to the Canadian Diabetes Association and links to the videos will be on next week’s timewasters (or the week after). Email us at for more details, requests will be taken for two weeks only!

If YOU have Paypal, YOU can make The Canadian One dress as a bear and DANCE!

You know, I may just pay him a fiver to hold a sign with the blog name on it and dance to ABBA….Ohhhh, lightbulb…now where can I get a feather boa in Korea….

UPDATE: 05/16 – The Canadian One has so far made $10 for the Canadian Diabetes Association! Filming Sunday (05/20) if you want to appear in next week’s Timewasters, get your order in before then!


11 replies on “Tuesday Timewasters – Oh, the things people will do for a fiver!”

does he have a bear suit? thats gonna be a costly purchase i’d think ….. wait … i have one …. i will lend it to him for ….. you guessed it … 5 of your very best thousand won … of five english pounds if you would prefer?

Ummm, doesn’t Scott have the bear suit? What, are you his broker? BTW I promised if we make $30, I’d stick up the video of the origins of the bear suit….just in case people think we just have a full on bear suit just lying around the apartment for occasions like this!

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