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Tuesday Timewasters – FREE RICE!!! – 01/22



This week on The Ketchup War, we’re urging you to come waste time with us somewhere else, come play with us over at


It’s a very simple concept brought to you by The United Nations World Food Program. Answer simple questions, win rice.


The Ketchup War even has its own group where you can play against other readers. I’m ‘jenjen21’ and as you can see from my score chart I’m good at English Vocabulary (up to a certain level…man!!!) and I suck at Flags of the World. SUCK. AT. IT. Come join us and play against me since the group is 24 hours old and I’m the only one in it so far.

You can answer questions on math, geography, chemistry, SAT prep or even learn some random vocabulary words in Spanish, French or Italian…or English if you’re me.

***FREE KETCHUP…just checkin‘ you’re still paying attention…there’s no free ketchup…sorry***

  • Sign up
  • Join The Ketchup War’s group
  • Claw your way to the top of our group competition and not only will you have won free rice to end hunger, The Ketchup War will give you a PRIZE…(it’s not rice) and, of course, you get bragging rights that you are The Smartest Tomato in the Ketchup.
  • Don’t forget to log into The Ketchup War group before you play or your points wouldn’t be tallied in our group.
  • Be proud of all your rice.
  • Tell all your friends about the rice!
  • The Ketchup War competition ends February 18th 2013…OUR ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!!

***BE NICE, GET RICE!*** (I’m almost positive that should say ‘Be Smart, Win Rice’….)


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