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Thursday Timewasters – I can’t say Canada correctly – 05/03

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on Internet Explorer when I’m forced to use it for my internet banking!

I know what you’re thinking: This week’s second round of Timewasters?? (the first being here) Timewasters on a Thursday, what? I know! I’ve got a random three hour break at work and a computer in my classroom, what can I do?!

So, this week, The Canadian One and I discovered I can’t say the word ‘Canada’ correctly. Well, I can. I mean, I have the ability to, I just can’t say it naturally which both The Canadian One and I realised last night when I said ‘Canaidia’s Got Talent’.

Ummm, what?

Turns out, I (very easily it would seem) get confused by Canada / Canadian. No idea why. I guess it’s the same reason I can’t say the word Tarantula (Me: ‘Tralantua’) or burglar (Me: ‘Burglalar’) or Sorry (Me: ‘I’m right, you’re wrong, why are you denying it??’)

Often, The Canadian One has to use a bit of logic when it comes to me. Take for instance, Tuesday’s market trip which featured ‘flat cheese’ on the list.

Him: ‘Flat cheese? Do you mean sliced cheese? Is that an Irish thing or a…YOU thing?…I’m sending this to your mother.’

And he did. Hours later (when she woke up due to the time difference), she phoned to make fun of me and proclaim she NEVER taught me sliced cheese was called ‘flat cheese’. Never ever.

Moving on.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite random pictures from around the web this week:

Ok, I’m stuck on the last one, anyone wanna email me and tell me what it is?!
I feel I’m one more three hour break away from making this

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