Tuesday Timewasters – 05/22

Happy Timewasting!!

Yesterday, I wrote about how the plan to make The Canadian One dance for charity was going and included the video of him doin’ his thing! So today, I thought I’d write a little more about it!

The song The Canadian One dances to in theketchupwar video is this:

When I went home last year for two weeks during a break in contracts, this ad was on tv and as soon as I saw it it, for no apparent reason AT ALL, it reminded me of The Canadian One. As soon as I returned, I sat him down and made him watch it on YouTube.

We watch a lot of things on YouTube. I make him watch a lot of things on YouTube. A video of a baby panda sneezing? I’m on it. A video of a baby panda growing up? All over it! It’s posted to his Facebook wall!(I’m going through a baby panda phase) Videos from various contestants on Britain’s Got Talent? He’s seen every one of them. Some twice.

Him: ‘I’ve seen this one. You showed me this one.’

Me: ‘Let’s watch it again.’

So him watching an ad for an ice-cream in the UK was not unusual. Within minutes, we were watching the full song on YouTube dancing in the kitchen…well, one of us was dancing, the other was not partaking…although he’s nooooo problems with dressing as a bear and being recorded….just pointing that out!

YouTube is a fantastic teaching tool. Not only do I use it to keep my Grade One students quiet while I correct work (thank God for Tom and Jerry and their love-hate relationship and short short episodes), I use it at home when I want to do something.

Need to go to the bank and use the all-in-Korean bank machine to pay your bills? Watch this handy video which walks you through it.

Toilet broke? It’s a Sunday? Your maintenance man doesn’t consider anything under COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE APARTMENT to be an emergency and takes up to two weeks and three reminders to visit your apartment? We got you covered.

Wanna sneak peek at next week’s Fringe episode? A type in the search bar and up it pops.

Here are some of my favorite videos from YouTube, starting with Mary Convery’s charity donation requiring The Canadian One to dance!

Thanks for your donation!!

The Original Video, in case you missed it yesterday!

This is why we don’t give drugs to spiders kids!

Growing a panda!! Watch and then let me know if you thought it was born all furry and black and white too!

Dr. Seuss and Burning Man…what could possibly go wrong? Nothing. Nothing is the answer.

Where the hell is Matt?!!

This video always makes me wanna go home to see my mammy…eventhough we don’t live in England and that’s Heathrow Airport!

Annnnnnd just in case you think The Canadian One and I just happen to have a bear suit knocking around the apartment in case on of us decides to start a blog and raise money for charity, here’s where we borrowed the suit from:

Don’t forget, if you want The Canadian Bear to dance for YOU, all ya gotta do is email us (theketchupwar@gmail.com) with your song choice, what you’d like on your sign and details of how you plan to send us your fiver. All money goes to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

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