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The Best of Draw Something – Take 2

My interest in Draw Something has been waning recently, mainly out of laziness, I keep getting the same words to draw and for some reason, when I click into it, it switches off my iTunes music….PLUS it’s haaaard to stand on the subway, hold a coffee AND draw a good picture too! Also I’ve been cheating on it with Rumble.

Here are the best pics I’ve been sent in the past two weeks or so:

The Canadian One and I discuss his latest artist drawing

The Canadian One: ‘What’s a Cyclops?’ Me: ‘A one eyed person.’…His attempt ONE at ‘Cyclops’

Attempt TWO at ‘Cyclops’

FINAL attempt at ‘Cyclops’…Followed by: The Canadian One: ‘Oh wait, I think that picture was for you…’


I really…I have no comment on this one but I mean, I know I’m not American but…I KNOW what the flag looks like…

Got a funny Draw Something, send it our way and if you wanna see more Draw Something pics, check out the original Draw Something post.

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