‘Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmmble!’

If iPhone apps aren’t your thing, please feel free to stop reading now and check out these special Easter timewasters:

15 of THE creepiest Easer Bunny photos you will EVER see!

If iPhone apps ARE your thing, please check out the above link, laugh and then return here and read on:

A few days ago, this exchange between myself (in blue) and my you-gotta-get-draw-something friend takes place:

I grab my iPhone and The Canadian One’s iPhone and start the downloading. Within minutes, we both had the game and I was trying to get him to play. After round one came the realisation, this game is better than Draw Something, my previous obsession.

How could this be?

Draw Something was as addictive as they come. It’s a game that had me get up, check Draw Something, make coffee while drawing new pictures, take shower while thinking about a picture I’m trying to guess, almost miss my stop for work on the subway as I’m busy drawing, sending pictures to The Canadian One asking him what he thinks they are, having exchanges like this via text:

But alas, following my previous post, I gained too many Draw Something partners. I couldn’t keep up with the pictures. Some people had to become my chosen opponents and others had to be ignored. Some people got mad. The backlash was…well, non-existent. No one cares. If one person won’t play you, the next person on your Facebook friends list will. It really made no difference to anyone’s life.

And now, now I have a new game to play that’s fighting for my love and attention. Unlike Words with Friends (aka iPhone Scrabble), Rumble (aka iPhone Boggle) doesn’t require you to have a large, vast vocabulary. If I were Superman, Vocabulary, in all it’s villanous glory, would be my Kryptonite, which is a terrible thing to say for a writer. But let’s be fair, big words are just small words all joined together in a fancy sounding way.

Anywoo, here’s a breakdown of how Rumble works:

See, simple. Requires no Facebook, no email addresses, no payment if you get the free version. It had me panicking on the train yesterday as the seconds ticked down to zero tv-programme-24-stylie and had me singing that ol’ Ant and Dec song to The Canadian One as he beat me in yet another game. We currently stand at 5-2 in his favor but I feel my comeback is immenient. Annnnnnnnny minute now….I’ll beat him when he’s least expecting it.

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