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‘Dude, where’s my pic?!’

Hello, I’m Jenny and I’m a Draw Somethingaholic. I honestly think I say ‘Did you get my pic?’, ‘Did you see my pic?’, ‘WHERE’S MY NEW PIC?!’ more than I say ‘I love you’ to The Canadian One recently.

It all started about a week ago when a friend called to say ‘You gotta download this app, it’s called Draw Something’. Ok, that’s not why she called but it is the main thing I remember from the conversation. Next morning, on the train, I download the app. Instantly I get a text from The Canadian One: ‘You downloaded an app?’. Ohhhhh yeah, we share an iTunes account so we each get messages whenever the other downloads something. (It was a credit-card-can-only-be-used-with-one-account-situtation that meant one iTunes account for the both of us.) I quickly work out that I need an opponant, this is not a one-player game, and within minutes, The Canadian One has ‘Draw Something’ too.

And so it starts….

After that, the day was pretty much gone. I had five opponents by 5pm and was well on my way to buying more colors, my ultimate aim.

I love my iPhone and I LOVE apps. Seriously.

But Draw Something is the only ADDICTIVE one. It’s a simple concept thought up by the minds over at OMGPOP, a free online multiplayer gaming site. Basically, you’re given a choice of three words to draw, each worth different amounts of coins. You pick which you draw for your opponent, draw it, send it, wait. When they get it correct, they do the same for you. You win coins to use to buy more colors, words or letter bombs. Very simple, very easy, you’ll learn very quickly how much you suck at drawing! Not without it’s minor bugs in this version, an email received on Sunday promises an update soon with less bugs and more features so I anticipate that will quash any latent faults in the system.

Of course, the drawing aspect leads to some artist liberties being taken and consequently leads to messages like this exchange with The Canadian One:

I’m in blue…opps

And the realisation The Canadian One does not know exactly which country not his girlfriend’s and which one is:

But for now, here are some of the best pictures from my games over the past week: (feel free to send me more and I’ll stick them up on the site:

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