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Tuesday Timewasters – Hedgehog Unleashed – 04/30

hedgehog (4)This week, Timewaste with Quote Friday!! Ou, it’s like an illicit affair, right? The two weekly posts, joining forces…it’s all so exciting.

Yes, ohhhhh yes, it’s that time! It’s FINALLY. THAT. TIME!!


And to celebrate this Tuesday/Friday get together, here at The Ketchup War, we’re giving you, YES YOU, a whopping 50% off your purchase of the book.



So, have you enjoyed Quote Friday as much as I have? Sad to see it over? Well, I have good news for you! It’s now a book!

Four years of hilarious kids’ quotes from the ESL classroom in South Korea.

Following on from the success of Quote Friday – a round up of the best quotes of the week from my elementary school classroom – comes the full and unabridged book featuring some never before read additions from students, family and, of course, The Canadian One.

Packed full of hysterical quotes such as:

Having just read the sentence: ‘Baby wallabies are born without fur.’
Me: “What are baby wallabies born without?”
Kid: “Hope.”

Me: “What’s a baby chicken called?”
Kid: “An egg fry.”

Me: “What’s your favorite book?”
Kid: “Harry Potter.”
Me: “What’s the story?”
Kid: “It has no story.”

Me: “What are eyebrows?”
Kid: “People’s eye fur.”

Me: “What’s a ‘tail’?”
Kid: “A dog’s antenna.”

Me: “When do we find out who wins this election in America? Is it like the same day or is it weeks later like on The X Factor?”
The Canadian One: “The US election is NOT like The X Factor.”

Watch Out For The Hedgehog is the must-read book for educators, travellers, ESL teachers and anyone who’s ever been curious about what it’s like to teach English in a foreign country.

To claim your 50% discount:

  1. Click this link: THE LINK
  2. Go through the motions of signing up to Smashwords. Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘I don’t wanna join a random site, they will spam me‘. They will not. I promise. They’re a fantastic organization that allow independent writers and publishers publish their books online and liaise with all the big companies on your behalf to get you the best possible deals for your book. Think of it as discovering and supporting more independent writing.
  3. Use your special code: ZX38T
  4. Download the book as MOBI, PDF, EPUB, RTF or HTML (or all five if you wish, you get all versions with your purchase).
  5. Read and enjoy.
  6. Offer valid until May 3rd 2013.

The book’s also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (no, I have no idea why the book cover isn’t there) and Kobo bookstores (but without the discount).

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