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‘His name is ERIK!’ – Conversations with Mam

So this conversation happened:

My mam calls me up, I answer. She’s in Ireland at work and I’m at home in Korea just sitting about.

Mam: ‘Pick a number between 1 and 30.’

Me: ’14.’

My mam checks the horses for the next race and checks the name of number 14.

Mam: ‘Ou, Prince Eric. I was gonna pick that one after the penguin in Happy Feet.’

Me: ‘What? That wasn’t the penguin’s name!’

‘Yes it was! His name is Erik!’

‘No, no it wasn’t. His name is Happy Feet.’

‘His name is Erik!!’


‘His name is Erik. I know it’s Erik. I can see it!’

‘What? No, lemme Google it….It’s Mumble. His name is Mumble.’

Shuffling around in the background is heard.

Mam: ‘No, no it’s Erik. It’s DANCING ERIK. He dances. His name is Erik! He’s in the movie’

‘It’s Mumble.’


‘It says Mumble!’

‘It’s says Dancing ERIK!’

‘Wait, lemme google Dancing Erik.’


‘Oh, he’s from Happy Feet 2. I’ve not seen that yet.’

‘You’re a kids’ teacher and you haven’t seen Happy Feet 2?!!!’


Mam: ‘Hello?’

Me: ‘OH MY GOD!!! I’m watching a YouTube video. I WANT IT.’

‘I HAVE it!’

‘What the f***?!! You HAVE it? How?’

‘Your brother got it for me for Christmas!’

‘Does it dance?’

‘Yeah, wait…’

Cue the next three minutes spent with me listening to Dancing Erik talking and tap dancing on my mother’s kitchen counter top.

Me: ‘I want it!!’

Mam: ‘He’s great!’

‘I know! I’m watching the YouTube video of him!!’

‘Oh shit, I’ve got to go. I have a kid here for a lesson. I’ll call you back if your horse wins.’

And with that, she was gone and I’ve been left to devise a plan of how to get The Canadian One to buy me a dancing penguin toy!

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