‘A hand jacket!’ – New Quotes Added

It’s Quote Friday!! YAY!! And a rainy one at that.

Excuse for today for being late (I arrived at 11:16am, not 11:00am) : ‘I walk slower when it rains. I think I might fall over.’

Co-Teacher: ‘Ok, I understand.’

🙂 Happy Friday! And don’t forget, you can find more quotes on the Wall and the Index.


While learning ‘I used to’ with my grade fours:

Boy 1: ‘I used to hate math. Now, I like math.’

Me: ‘Really?’

Boy 2 sitting in front of him turns around, raises his eyebrows and stares at him skeptically…then shakes his head slowly.

Boy 1: ‘Yes, really.’

Me: ‘Ok, next?’

Boy 2: ‘I used to don’t like computer games. Now, I like computer games.’

Boy 1 jumps from his seat, pointing at Boy 2.

Boy 1: ‘LYING!!!! Him all the time like computer games. Lying, Teacher!’


I draw a mitten on the board.

Me: ‘What’s this?’

Little Girl: ‘A hand jacket.’


While doing listen and repeat:

Me: ‘Wound.’

Class: ‘Wound.’

Me: ‘Bleeding.’

Class: ‘Bleeding.’

Me: ‘Sawdust.’

Class: ‘Sawdust!’

I drop the open-topped board marker. It bounces off my skirt and lands on the floor.

Me: ‘Oh shi…’ (and I stop before I finish the swear word)

Class: ‘Ocean!’

Me: ‘Ummm…’


While teaching history on Monday:

Me: ‘Ok so way way way back in time they had no electricity and no lights and no running water, no TV. When do you think way back in time was?’

Kid: ‘Wednesday!’


Same class as above:

Me: ‘Ok, so we live in the olden days and we have no cars and no trains and no planes. How do I around?’

Kid 1: ‘Walking.’

Kid 2: ‘Horse and carriage.’

Me: ‘Excellent. So I’m in Seoul. Where can I go in a horse and carriage?’

Kid 3: ‘Mexico!’

Me: ‘From Seoul?!’

Kid 3: ‘Yes.’

Me: ‘But why??’

Kid 3: ‘It’s fun.’

Kid 4: ‘Oh, it take a long time!’


Let’s all bear in mind, I teach in a Korean elementary school. One of my grade two students is called ‘Jenny’ as am I. A conversation I overheard while on break time. These kids have been studying English for a year. Three little girls, sitting in my classroom.

Kid 1: ‘Hmmmm, teacher is Jenny and you are Jenny. YOU can be black Jenny.’

I glance up from behind my computer.

Kid 2: ‘No no, BROWN. She’s BROWN Jenny.’ (correcting her)

I start wondering where this is going.

Jenny: ‘Yes, I am brown Jenny.'(confirming)

I look at the three girls and they look up at me.

Kid 1: ‘YOU are green Jenny.’

I look confused.

Kid 1 points at me. I look down. I’m wearing a green top. I look at the other Jenny. She’s wearing a brown dress. I shake my head and return to my computer.

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