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Tuesday Timewasters – 03/27

So today at school I was a little busy with stalking the Canadian embassy here in Seoul and playing with my iPhone so Tuesday’s Timewasters have come a little late in the day however it is STILL Tuesday and after coming home and making homemade cheeseburgers for today’s dinner and homemade meatballs for tomorrow’s dinner, I’ve sat down to share with you my favorite timewasters of this week. Enjoy. And Happy Timewasting!

Ta Daaaaa!

ABCinema Quiz

First up is a movie quiz. See if you can get all these ABC Films. A must for all movie lovers I reckon.


22 Unexplainable Mysteries Spotted on Google Maps

I think the clue is in the title! But just in case, here’s a picture:


30 Photos

Photos were the main object of your attention is NOT the foreground! I…just….there are no words for some of them….have a look and see.


Classic Album Covers charts!! (suggested by The Canadian One)

Oh, the weird and wonderful world of music…which brought us such great album covers as this:


And finally if you like PIZZA, you want this!!! Pizza ordering fridge magnet! Oh, the wonders of an advanced civilization!

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