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‘I’ll Give You A Sticker.’ – New Quotes Added 03/09

That’s riiiiiiiiight! It’s Friday! End of the week and end of the first week of the new semester. Well, it’s only been a two-day week, but still, it’s nice to see the weekend again. Oh how I’ve missed it. Unfortunately, with only two days and classes full of new, nervous students, there wasn’t a lot of talking done! But with that, it’s still QUOTE FRIDAY!!

‘Why do you think the dinosaurs died?

Kid’s Answer: ‘Some people think there was a huge explosion but I think the dinosaurs ate each other.’


I stop writing on the board and consider what to write next while my class watch me.

Me: ‘Ummmmmmmmm….’

Kid jumps up: ‘BRELLA!!!’

I turn and look at him.

Kid: ‘UMbrella.’

And then he sits back down, satisfied he has completely solved my problem.


We have already established what ‘fictional / not real is. We’re giving answers to the question going in a circle.

Me: ‘Name a fictional animal?’

Kids: ‘Cat.’




One kid meanwhile is freaking out in her seat waiting for it to get around to her.



Freaking out kid: ‘A DRAGON!!!!’


My brand new grade one class got given their English names today just before my class started.

Me: ‘Ted?’

Ted, looking at me, pointing at his head, looking panicked: ‘Head?? HEAD??!!!!’

Me (looking at my sheet of names): ‘No, Ted. It says Ted. Your name is Ted.’

Ted: ‘Ttttttt?’

Me: ‘Yes, Tttttted. A ‘T’. T-T-Ted.’

Ted: ‘Ah, ok.’


Me: ‘Did you do homework?’

8-year-old: ‘What page was homework?’

Me: ‘Eh, 53, I think.’

8-year old goes to open his book and then, without getting to any particular page, just shuts it: ‘No, no I did no homework.’

Me: ‘Are you sure?’

8-year-old: ‘Yes. (shakes his head) I did no homework.’


How I control my class:

Me: ‘If you are good, you get a point.’

Class: ‘Ouuuu.’

‘And with five points, you get a sticker.’


‘And with 20 stickers, you get a present!!’

‘Ouuuuuu, hurray!’

‘And if you speak Korean, you get minus one point.’

Entire class gasps and falls silent.

One kid misunderstands the explanation and speaks Korean. Entire class looks at him and gasp again.

Of course, older classes know how to work this system to their advantage:

Me: ‘Who wants to read paragraph one?’


Me: ‘I’ll give you a sticker.’

Twelve hands shoot into the air amid cries of ‘Me, me!!!’


While playing a ball game in class:

Me: ‘If you hit the light, minus a sticker. If you hit me, minus two stickers. If you touch my coffee, I’ll kill you….Oh and try not to hit the TV. Ready?!’


Two girls are talking at the back of the classroom.

Me: ‘Stop speaking Korean!’

Girl: ‘I wasn’t speaking Korean! I was listening! SHE (pointing at her friend) was speaking Korean.’

The look on her friend’s face was priceless.


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