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Game Night No.1 – Killer Bunnies

When The Canadian One and I first moved to Calgary, we spent the first two weeks staying at his friends’ house with their two kids and greyhound. The majority of those two weeks was spent job hunting, house hunting and playing board games…and drinking. There was a lot of drinking.

One of the first games we played was Killer Bunnies, a God-awful confusing game which requires no real skill other than keeping at least one bunny alive so at the end, if your carrot number is drawn, you win.

No, seriously.

And it only gets more confusing the drunker you get.


There are many ways in which your bunny can die:


And the only requirement of the game is to collect carrots and keep at least one bunny alive to be eligible for the carrot-draw at the end. I’ll say that again, the winner is based on a draw. No skill. Just luck. Pure dumb luck.



The board gets more and more confusing as the night lingers on and I think it was at this point, I wanted to do a Monopoly move and topple over the board in a ‘This is stupid’ (insert own expletive) moment but alas, there was no board to knock over and I’d run the risk of spilling a drink…not something I ever had to worry about as a child playing Monopoly.


And in the end, after what will feel like several years of your life, there can be only one winner: The Canadian One…with Arnie…The Carrot!


In saying all that, we’ve played a whole bunch of times since. I won once…it’s spurred me on to play again!

Get your own copy of Killer Bunnies here.

Ever played? Got a story? Share below!

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