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Meet Louie

Or Martin Luther King, if you ask my mother. I really hope when we have children she doesn’t nix our name and just call the baby whatever she wants.

On Thursday night, The Canadian One and I sat around with our friends, the vet and the physics teacher, and we decided we wanted a kitten. On Friday, we picked up our kitten.

Ketchup World, meet Luther Sharktopus, or Louie for short, the newest addition to our family.

photo (32)

It’s worth noting, while we toyed with the name Sharktopus in jest, it’s the name our vet friend insists on calling him and as such, will most likely be the name listed on all his vet paperwork.

Now, while I do love little Louie, I do have an issue with him being determined to wake us up at 8am in the morning by crying…then playing…then peeing on the bed.

Two days in a row.

Two. Days. In. A. Row.

photo (33)

Although for a kitten who loves to play, he certainly sleeps a lot.

photo (34)

Sleeping on The Canadian One on night one
Sleeping on The Canadian One on night one

About a year ago, my mother took part in a knitting campaign that involved knitting lots and lots of small hats to fit on Innocent smoothie bottles:


My mam sent me a few examples of her handywork to admire.

photo (22)

With Louie sleeping so much, we’ve found a new use for all the little, tiny hats.

My Cat in Hats

photo (30) photo (29) photo (27) photo (28) photo (26) photo (25)

Also last night, he caused a mild panic in our house. We searched everywhere. Under everything. In everything. Behind anything he could get behind. Nothing. Nowhere. 24 hours after getting him, he was gone.

Or not.

photo (23)

photo (24)


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