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Sometimes I Wonder If I Ever Really Left Korea

It’s been eight weeks since The Canadian One and I swapped The Land of The Morning Calm for The Land of The Maple Leaf but there are some mornings when I wake up just a little teeeeeny bit confused about which country I actually live in.

Take my 5 minute journey from our house to the train station in the mornings:

photo (16)

photo (17)photo (20)

On the train I also pass a bunch of Korean stores, a Korea hair salon, Bow Bul Go Gi restaurant and Insadong BulGoGi restaurant. Oh and that E-Mart is exactly like our mart in Korea. EXACTLY. It’s weird. And freaky…Mainly freaky.

Then take our lunch at the weekend:

photo (18) photo (19)

There’s also a Korean man who owns our mini-mart (he’s from Gwang-Ju and watches Korean soap operas on a small TV under the cash register), a Korean man who owns the liquor store (and sells Soju for $10 which should be a crime) and there were a bunch of Korean youths playing football in the car park opposite our house last week all yelling at each other in Korean. I felt like busting out my teacher-stare and my Kindergarten ‘shut up and be quiet’ in Korean phrases.

It’s sometimes hard to remember we DID actually leave Korea.

We did…

…Didn’t we?!

2 replies on “Sometimes I Wonder If I Ever Really Left Korea”

Hahaha! It IS a little like being in a kinda Twilight Zone though. Middle of Calgary, a store exactly like the one in Korea. It freaks me out but it is nice to be still able to buy all the things I thought ‘I would never ever in my whole life ever see again’. lol!

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