‘Wanna go see flowers after school?’

Spring time in Korea can mean only one thing.

No more snow!!

I kid, it actually means the cherry blossom trees are in bloom.

Now, I LOVE the cherry blossom trees. Love them! This year, The Canadian One and I decided we would venture for a romantic walk among the cherry blossoms on a school day, rather than on a weekend when everyone and their Korean mother were out in full force. The first weekend in half a year where you could safely go outside sans jacket and we were opting to stay far away from local parks and cherry blossom hang outs.

Instead, on Tuesday evening after school, we ventured to Children’s Grand Park in Seoul, a mere 10 minutes from our apartment. A free park, easy to find, and full of endless surprises. We arrived separately (as we were both coming from work), quickly located each other and coffee and then were on our way to see the flowers.

During our romantic stroll at sunset through the park, we came across this:

Uh huh, that’s right.


Children trapped in little plastic bubbles playing on water.

We watched as a small child crawled into a deflated bubble, the attendant inflated it and then rolled her into the pool.

That’s right. We’d hit the amusement park area of the Children’s Grand Park!

And continuing in our tradition of The Canadian One playing games and winning me prizes, he won me a fluffy orange heart cushion from popping balloons with darts.

By the time we left the amusement park behind and headed onwards on a new path through the park, the sun was almost set.

I declared triumphantly, ‘Look at me, in NATURE!!’

To which The Canadian One responded with, ‘Ummm, you’re in a park with an amusement park in the background and on a paved path…’

He took my photo and sent it to my mam telling her I’d claimed to be in nature. Within minutes, she rang to make fun of me and that kept them both amused for several minutes.

I don’t DO nature. I’m the furthest from outdoorsy as you can get. Years ago, I was approached by a Korean man on the subway and asked if I’d like to go hiking with him. I declined stating ‘I don’t like being outside’ as my reason…although in reality ‘I’d rather not go alone up a mountain with you, stranger, as that seems like the perfect serial killer opportunity to me’ was my main reason.

Anyway, with The Canadian One busy talking to my mother about me and my inability to recognise real nature, I busied myself with taking more photos of flowers and trees nature.

And then we stumbled upon this:

Yep, that’s a lion!

We wandering into the park’s zoo (because naturally a free park with beautiful flowers, an amusement park and a singing fountain would, of course, have a zoo too)

Then we came to weird egg-man…

Then there was the ‘What? Innuendo? No, never. No one would get any innuendo about this slide…no one, don’t worry’ playground:

Nope, no innuendo here…None whatsever

And no romantic walk would be complete without a mosey through the robot park on the way out.

Disco Robots

Does anyone else remember the bit in E.T. where he rides a motorcycle?

Or this bit…where E.T. has friend…and a gun…No, me neither


Penguin Robot

And with the viewing of the giraffe street lamp, we bid goodbye to the Children’s Grand Park, but not before The Canadian One provided me with a quote that really, had I not been there, I wouldn’t have believed he actually said.

While looking at this beautiful flower arrangement:

Him: ‘What do you think Sprin 9 means? Do you think they were trying to say something but messed it up?’

I look.

Me: ‘You mean Spring? It says Spring.’


Him: ‘When you tell people about this, make sure you tell them I’m aware that this is THE STUPIDEST THING I’ve ever said.’

I laughed all the way to the subway station…while ON the subway…and then again when reliving it in my head on the way to the restaurant. Without a doubt, the perfect end to our flower date.

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    1. Haha, thanks! Don’t worry, we’re moving to Canada next month and he says I’ll be near nature a lot. In Seoul there ain’t much nature other than a few trees here and there planted on the pavement. Canada, I’m told, full of trees and flowers and…other nature things. lol! 🙂

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