Tuesday Timewasters – 04/03

Tis Tuesday and what lovely spring weather I’ve woken up too…Urm…This morning when leaving the house I found myself donning my winter coat, my boots, tights, and cardigan all before I could open the front door. Then, and only then, armed with my umbrella, could I venture out into our spring weather. Although it could be worse. From what I gather from my Facebook newsfeed, it’s snowing in my old hometown of Cheonan. In April. Snow. It’s that Leap Year thing I was talking about in my Leap Year article. Adding a day didn’t work, the seasons are changin’ anyway!

To keep you amused and entertained during your period of forced indoor playtime, here’s some timewasters to keep you busy!

Happy Timewasting!

First up, with only 266 sleeps til Christmas, I present (get it, present, present…nevermind…) two Christmas themed timewasters…and yes, I do have an app that’s counting down the days.

1. Some Christmas cards from The Simpsons

Not being a huge Simpsons fan, I was skeptical at first when I found this but alas, humor won out and I found myself laughing audibly on the train ride home. See The Simpsons get older and…ummm wiser (?) in this collection of family cards.

The first of many!

Next up, some help with picking out Christmas gifts:

2. This Picture:


3. Some German Advertising

Advertising…from Germany…obviously….Life’s too short to be stuck in the wrong job!

4. The creepy invention of moving, kissing posters of your idols explained HERE and HERE. Prepare to shake your head and say WTF?

Although it PALES in comparison to my favorite invention of last week: TACOCOPTER!!

Is it a bird...Is it a plane...No, it's TACOCOPTER!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s TACOCOPTER!!

5. I want this T-Shirt!!


Don’t forget, you can find more Timewasters in the Timewasters Archive and the Index….AND in the blog post on MY ultimate Timewaster: Draw Something!

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