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‘The dinosaurs ate each other’ – New Quotes Added

End of the week and that means Quote….urm….Saturday…Sorry, I know it’s a day late. I’ve been ill and not actually in work much this week so this is kinda short. But still….enjoy!

One of my kindergarten kids once wrote in his diary about his mom liking ‘black cock’ and how his mom was sad that ‘there was no black cock in the home’ and how she ‘went out to buy cock’…Took me half the page to realise he’d just spelled ‘coke’ wrong!

Me: ‘Name a pink animal?’

Kid: ‘An elephant!’

Kid 2: ‘A dinosaur!’

Kid 3: ‘A pig!!!’

Kid 4: ‘NO, a pig is HOT pink!’


From a written assignment:

‘The opposite of dirty is beautiful.’

The opposite of begin is sun.’

The opposite of dark is deep.’


Again, from a written assignment:

‘Why do you think the dinosaurs died?’

‘Some people think there was a huge explosion but I think the dinosaurs ate each other.’


From my Grade 4 class:

Me: ‘What’s a blue animal?’

Kid 1: ‘A hippo!’

Kid 2: ‘A unicorn!’

Kid 3: ‘A jaguar!’

I turn and look behind me to see pictures drawn by the younger kids of animals colored in.

Me: ‘STOP looking at the Grade One coloring board!! They don’t color the animals the correct colors!’

Kid 4: ‘A bird!!’

Me: ‘Yes!’

Kid 5: ‘Ahhhhh, Rio!! The bird in Rio!! He’s blue.’

Me: ‘As is the bird in our storybook!’

They all look down at their desks to see a GIANT blue bird staring back at them from the front cover of their books.

Entire class: ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’


And finally, random listen and repeat from the book this week:

Me, not paying attention during listen and repeat, reading: ‘Do you want to see my snake?’

Class: ‘Do you want to see my snake?’

Me, reading: ‘It’s in the bathroom.’

Class: ‘It’s in the bathroom.’

Me: ‘One more time. Do you want to see my snake? It’s in the bathroom.’

Class: ‘Do you want to see my snake? It’s in the bathroom.’

Me, jumping to attention: ‘Wait, what???’

I look at the accompanying picture of a little boy and little girl sitting on the couch with the speech bubble coming from the boy. The people in our R and D department have too much time on their hands.


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