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Tuesday Timewasters – 03/13

And so starts a new semester of Timewasting Tuesdays, sat at my desk playing on the computer. Happy Timewasting Tuesday Everybody!

The first two are kinda related…If they were novels, they’d be in the same genre anyway.

1. Awkward Break-Up Letters

If I ever break up with The Canadian One, I shall be taking a leaf outta one of their books for ideas on how to do it! On a side note, anyone wanting to send a break-up email / letter, here’s a handy and hilarious generator to help you out:

2. Jenny Vs Spencer

Jenny quit her job in a spectacular way. Spencer, her boss, retaliated. And it was all put on the Internet for us to enjoy and laugh at.

3. 7 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Outbreak Would Fail

The Canadian One LOVES The Walking Dead. I am terrified of it and, having watched two episodes with him, promptly gave up on it. However, from what he tells me, I feel this picture sums up the storyline nicely:


4. 25 Incredible Optical Illusions

Note: This is a static image…stop moving your eyes and the image stops moving!

Numbers 1-4 are freaky….!

5. Should I Have A Cookie?

A helpful flowchart to decide if you should have a cookie or not!

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